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Animal Case Study

Horse Case Study– McTimoney Chiropractic.
Helping Kluedo recover from the effects of a virus

Martine bought her Westfalian gelding Kluedo four years ago and had been training him in dressage. Things were going very well until Kluedo caught a virus. Although he got over the worst, Kluedo’s performance suffered. Martine, a materials controller for an electronics company from the Isle of Wight, consulted her local vet. The vet recommended she contact her local chiropractor who is trained to treat animals using the McTimoney method.

Case Study Horse

 Martine says: “Once Kluedo was over the virus he never seemed to recover properly. I thought it was just the symptoms of the virus taking a while to go but three months later he was still rearing up much more than he should and he hated the right rein. The vet ran some tests, which were clear but his performance was still below standard. I wondered if he might have a problem with his back. After consultation with the vet, I called to get some chiropractic treatment.”

Kluedo’s chiropractor said: “After taking a full history, I explained to Martine that virus infections can cause changes in ligament tensions. Ligaments hold the bones in place like guyropes hold tent poles in place, so it is easy to see how tensions can cause subtle mis-alignments which can then trap a nerve. I examined Kluedo’s spine and made some small adjustments – fast, precise adjustments that help realign the individual bones of the skeleton. The improvement was immediate – Kluedo was supple, calm and well-behaved throughout.”

Martine said: “It was amazing, the chiropractor did not seem to do anything forceful but Kluedo obviously felt the benefit and was soon back to his normal self. Two weeks later, he needed very little work in the follow up treatment and quickly earned his Advanced level test and qualified for the Regionals! The method used by his chiropractor was so effective, quick and easy. Kluedo’s been 100% ever since. I would recommend that anyone who has similar concerns talks to their vet about visiting a chiropractor trained to treat animals using the McTimoney method.”

Since then, Martine has entered for the Prix St George and is confident that Kluedo’s health will not stop him achieving the test. “Work at this level depends so much on him having a strong back. I get him checked out every three months. His chiropractor

helps keep his movement fluid and graceful and I’m confident we will achieve a good result.”

The McTimoney method is named after its originator John McTimoney who developed a light whole body approach from existing chiropractic techniques. This method treats the cause, not just the symptoms and practitioners use speed, dexterity and accuracy to perform adjustments resulting in a gentle yet effective treatment.

In addition to the thousands of people who are treated using the McTimoney method (over 8,000 people are treated each day); this popular chiropractic approach is used to alleviate problems in dogs, horses and other animals. Trained practitioners may treat up to 1,000 dogs and 800 horses each year. The McTimoney College of Chiropractic is the only institution in Europe which runs a validated training course for animal manipulators and chiropractors. This leads to a Post Graduate Diploma in Animal Manipulation.

Chiropractic is regulated under the Chiropractors Act for the treatment of humans. Care of animals is regulated under the Veterinary Act, and all chiropractors working on animals must first seek the permission of the Veterinary Surgeon.

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